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Social Marketing Services from WSI

WSI’s internet marketing consultants offer a variety of specialized social marketing services, including email marketing, video marketing and social media marketing:

Video marketing services

YouTube is the second largest search engine and people are increasingly looking for video content. WSI offers a range of video marketing services that can add a human element to your digital marketing strategy. Whether we are creating animated videos that show people how to install your product or filming your sales representatives giving sales pitches, this type of content has the potential to go viral and reach many people. Find out more about our video marketing services.

Social media marketing services

People are using social media to connect with colleagues, friends and family. They also use these platforms to stay up to date with news that they’re interested in. If your company has a website and customers, then you need to make sure you have an active online presence on the platforms they are using, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. WSI can set up your social media profiles, actively manage your accounts and help you connect with your target audiences on social media. Learn more about our social media services.

Email marketing services

The two essential parts of email marketing is consistency and value. You need to give your clients a reason to want to receive your newsletter or emails and you need to create these messages consistently. WSI can help you come up with an email marketing strategy that will keep your readers engaged and convert more readers into paying clients. Find out more about our email marketing services.

For more information about how social marketing can help your business, contact WSI today.

Master the art of being social with your customers.